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Dr. Ronald Wilcox is the current Superintendent of Hampton County Schools. Toreacher Dobson is the Associate Superintendent.  On July 1 of 2021 the former Hampton District One and Hampton District 2 consolidated to form a new Hampton County School District. Our purpose in consolidating the two school districts was to combine resources (buildings, personnel, finances, programs) in order to provide better educational opportunities for our Hampton County students.

This fall the Estill High School combined with the Wade Hampton High school to become the new Hampton County High School. Hampton County High School students will be housed on the former WHHS campus while a new high school is being built at the corner of Pocotaligo Road and the Savannah Highway.  The new High School is expected to be completed in the fall of 2025.

We are in the process of developing a Strategic Plan that will allow us to create a "unique" school district.  This plan will include renovating the Estill High School building to become an Elementary school.  Once this is done the current Estill Elementary School building will be closed and the students currently attending there will move to the newly renovated school. 

We have many talented and dedicated employees who have helped in the consolidation and will help in this endeavor. We hope to use this website as a means  to keep our stakeholders informed as we work through this process.

We welcome any input you may have to help us with our transition to the new Hampton County School District.

Thank you,

Dr. Ronald Wilcox, Hampton County School District Superintendent


picture of Superintendent Ronald Wilcox
Dr. Ronald Wilcox, Ed.D.
photo of T. Dobson Assistant Superintendent
Ms. Toreacher Dobson,
Assistant Superintendent